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How it started?

This bootcamp came as an initiative to provide IEEE student members with the skills that will help them in their careers as future engineers. It is an opportunity for members to keep up with the latest technologies in relation to industry, apply their knowledge and work on their technical skills through a tangible project and develop their soft skills by learning how to pitch and how to make a business plan. This will allow students to get out of their comfort zone and as a chance to break-through the professional world by creating their projects from scratch.

Understanding the cause

There is something to be said about working with passionate students who truly love what they do, Students devoted to the discipline of technology. Feeding their hunger for knowledge is the primordial building block of our move.

Learning from the best..

We choose our instructors wisely, people with good experience and highly enthusiastic to pass down their knowledge.

Thanks to everyone who made this event special

You were all special. We hope to see you in our future events!