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September October Newsletter

The newsletter is available for download at this link.
Proteus workshop:
The trainers introduced participants to
Proteus workspace, main tools
and libraries, and usages.
The session was a success and a trium-
phant first experience for the ExCom
members. Participants showed their
contentment and excitement for more
advanced Proteus sessions. They highly
appreciated the trainers' particular
focus on making the session very inter-
active and the simple academic-oriented
This year’s theme
Safety 4.0: Updating Safety for Industry 4.0
The first IAS
The IAS focuses specifically on the
unique needs of industry, and safety is
one of the successful measures of every
company, especially industries. Having
that in mind, our first edition of the
Bootcamp was centered around the
implications of the fourth industrial
revolution on safety; how can safety
efforts meet the changes in technology.
This year’s theme was remarkably
intesresting, and hopefully next year
will have a more exciting theme that
contributes in our daily problems in
So stay tuned for the bootcamp 2.0.
And who knows what projects you
Date: September 25th-26th-27th, 2020
might come up with then.
Location: Orange Digital Center/
Samsung center, National Institute
of Applied Science and Technology
Attendees: 20 participants
Description: Working in teams, the
participants built their projects from the
scratch with the assistance of profes-
sional and highly-qualified trainers. The
attendees were provided with a series of
workshops covering both soft and tech-
nical skills and a well-equipped cowork-
ing space. A final pitching session was
held on the third day to evaluate the
projects and to select a winning team.
The winners received a 500 TND finan-
cial aid to help them implement their
IAS CMD Annual
Description: The IEEE IAS INSAT SBC
participated in the first Virtual IAS
Chapters and Membership Development
Annual Meeting workshop. The chapter
was recognized, during the awards
announcement session, as the winner of
the 2020 Chapter Web Contest winner.
Food Innovation
The award was earned during the
2019-2020 mandate with the former IAS
Day challenge
INSAT SBC chairwoman Mrs. Sameh
Zaguia and the talented webmaster Mr.
Zakaria Naiija. Mr. Naiija succeeded in
date: 16th of october 2020,
creating a professional, powerful,
location: Samsung Academy workplace
and interactive platform under the name
The challenge was organized by the
of the chapter. The website’s
United Nations World Food Program on
well-organized and up-to-date content
Friday October 16, 2020,
and interface were highly appreciated by
Description: IAS INSAT members have
the IAS CMD Committee members.
participated in the challenge with their
innovative idea: "VGarden" which is a
Industry Engagement
soilless vertical farm for greens and fish
Committee Social Media
using new technologies to control the
needs of crops.
Competition: most creative
This project responds to the Local food
security and market access problem.
The purpose of VGarden is to offer organ-
Description: The IEEE IAS INSAT SBC
ic and balanced dishes rich in nutrients
participated in the contest with its
that the user can grow himself anywhere
Bi-monthly newsletter. With our original
he is and anytime of the year.
design and rich content, we won the first
During the pitching session, the honoura-
place in the IEC Media Competition - Most
ble jury members: Mr. Raouf Ketata the
Creative Category. The former Media/
director of INSAT, Mr. Elies Chaabanne
Communication Manager of the chapter
(from World Food Program innovation
Mrs. Mariam Beji showed great creativity
center), Dr. Olfa Rebai, Professor Sami
coming up with ingenious ideas like the
Fatouch and Mr. Slim Yacoub showed
“IAS Merit Badges” section. Along with the
great interest in the idea and gave the IAS
professional content
team positive feedback.
written by the
former General
As an appreciation for its members for
Secretary of the
their continuous support, the chapter
organized a giveaway of the received
Mr. Mohamed Ali
award: a 100-dollars Amazon gift card, to
Araboui, the IAS
purchase industry-related equipment .
newsletter was ideal.
Our dear member Mrs. Bouhour Dhouib
has won the gift card.
Integration Day
Date: October 12th, 2020
Location: Online meeting on Google
Attendees: 65 participants
IEEE Day 2020
Description: The chapter
participated in the integration
day-INSAT 2020 which was an online
event dedicated to introducing new
Date: October 14th, 2020
students to the diverse associations
Location: Online meeting on Google
and clubs of their institute. Each
association/club had a virtual room to
Attendees: 64 participants.
interact with the visitors. The IEEE
Description: The event was organ-
INSAT Student Branch had a commun
ized by the IEEE INSAT SB and took the
room uniting its 6 chapters/affinity
form a virtual gathering of the student
groups. The session was composed of
branch's members. During the 4th part
5 waves of 10 minutes. During each
of the meeting, each chapter had a
wave, students were introduced to the
virtual room to welcome its new as well
IEEE, the Student Branch and chapters.
as old members and present to them
IAS INSAT SBC, presented by its ExCom
its annual program. The IEEE IAS INSAT
members, notified the attendees of its
SBC welcomed attendees to the team
workshops, major events, and social
and introduced them to the chapter
media platforms/updates.
and its technical/humanitarian activities
for the academic year 2020-2021
through an animated presentation.
During the session, IAS INSAT SBC’s
this year’s first
officers talked about all fields con-
cerned with the chapter’s activities. The
instagram quiz
chapter’s upcoming large-scale events
were also introduced to the attendees:
the IAS Tunisia Annual Meeting and the
Smart Garden project.
With the IAS INSAT SBC, our dear
members can learn while having fun
with our regular industry quizzes. On
Wednesday, October the 22nd , 2020
the chapter launched this year's first
The IAS SBC officers dedicated to a final
quizz on its Instagram and Facebook
question/answer session to clarifying some
pages under the theme: Food
points of the preceding presentation as well as
Industry and Electricity.
further encouraging members to follow the
chapter’s social media accounts for upcoming
opportunities and industry-related quizzes.
has planned many workshops for you.
We can list from them the LabVIEW
Certified Training Sessions; it will take
place on November 7th, 14th, 21st,
28th and December 5th and 12th
2020. Of course, every workshop is
Introduction to
announced on our Facebook page. So
make sure you follow us on social
media to get the fullest of our
Date: October 28th, 2020
Industrial Visits: Even though
Time: 02:00 pm
the pandemic is still not over, the IAS
Location: National Institute of
has took that into concideration. And
Applied Science and Technology,
we planned a series of virtual
room 243
industrial visits; where we visit big and
Attendees: 9 participants
international industries from all
Description: The workshop consisted
around the world, while we’re laying
of an introduction to Lean Manufacturing
in our beds.
and was presented by the chairwoman of
the IEEE IAS INSAT SBC. During the
Instagram quizzes and
session, attendees were initialized with
filters: We always thrive to keep
the meaning, the basics, and the
the fun going. That’s why we have
importance of Lean Production in
stored a few filters and quizzes in the
industries. The workshop was highly
next days.
appreciated by participants. All of them
expressed their excitement and
Smart Garden: To increase the
motivation for the upcoming Certified
chapter’s membership and to enable
Lean Manufacturing Training Sessions,
its members to work on innovative
especially after this introductory session.
projects uniting computing,
automation/electronics, and research
in biology/chemistry, the IAS INSAT
IAS second
SBC launched the smart garden
project. Teamwork, advanced
instagram filter
technical skills, and management
techniques are going to be ensured
during all phases of the project in
This year, the IAS family
parallel with a series of workshops
was glad to post a new
that are related to the project. Stay
filter to keep the fun going.
tuned if you want to be part of the
The filter shows you which
scientist you should be!! of
course, it’s not real. But
show us which scientist
came to you...
Merit Badges
Mouna Khiari
Industry Quizz
Master: She
had the best
score in our
Industry quizz
Farah Fersi
The attentive
Mariem amara
khalil azaiez
student: Farah was
tested on what she
Mo. amir jouini
learned during the
The popular freshmen:
Lean workshop and
Most interactive first-year
she got all the
students in IAS. You can call
answers right.
them the cool kids.
khawla soltani
Maryem soltani
IAS star pupils:
They never missed a chance to
expand their industry knowledge
with IAS. They left a great impact
and showed their passion.
bouhour dhouib
hadil mehrez
Frankly Frank:
the brilliant
Hedil is an involved
engineer: what
member who does
do you call
not hesitate to
someone who's
share her thoughts.
always got