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Participation in the IAS Challenge , TSYP 2019

During the 7th edition of the Tunisian Students and Young Professionals congress (TSYP 2019), A challenge was held by the IEEE IAS Tunisia Section Chapter to determine the SBC to host and organize the first edition of the IEEE IAS Annual Tunisia Meeting. this challenge consisted of a 5-minute pitch where chapters were required to present their activities throughout 2019, as well as a proposal for the venue, program and budget of the Annual Tunisia Meeting. IEEE IAS INSAT SBC was later announced in the TSYP 2019 Gala dinner as the winner of the IAS challenge and the host of the first edition of the IEEE IAS Annual Tunisia Meeting

IAS Annual Meeting Maryland, Baltimore , USA 2019

Kais Bedioui, Past IEEE IAS INSAT chairman is representing our chapter, our student branch and Tunisia during IAS Annual Meeting 2019 which is being held in Maryland, Baltimore , USA. After one year of hard work and dedication, Kais received , on behalf of our chapter, the Outstanding Large IAS Chapter award. This award is only one of too many that we were given over the years, and we can't wait for what's next!

IAS Annual Meeting Portland, Oregon 2018

After winning the “Outstanding Student Branch Chapter Chair”, Ms. Eya Bourguiba, IEEE INSAT IAS SBC former chairwoman ( 2017-2018) , represented , Tunisia, INSAT and our student branch chapter in Portland, USA during IAS Annual Meeting.

IAS annual meeting Cincinnati, OHIO 2017

During the IAS annual meeting that took place on 5 October 2017 ,we were represented by the IAS INSAT SBC's Chair Islem Cherif, two of our members Ahmed khabkhab and Skander Khelil, and our Webmaster Haroun Amri thanks to him we won the 1st prize in IEEE Industry Applications Society Chapter Web Contest 2017! Being part of this meeting was an opportunity to meet a lot of talented people, broaden our knowledge and expand our networks.

TSYP ,Sousse 2017

TSYP 2017 has been an amazing experience. We would like to thank IEEE ENIS Student Branch for their amazing organization and hard work to make this edition a successful one. We would also like to congratulate all IEEE INSAT Student Branch's IAS members who represented our SB at the congress have contributed to the success of our SB and for helping the IEEE INSAT SB win the TSYP competition! Especially congratulations IEEE ENIT Student Branch and IEEE ENSI Student Branch for making it to the final phase and providing such a remarkable work. #TSYP #Winners #IEEE #IEEE_INSAT_SB #TUNISIA_SECTION

IAS annual meeting ,Portland,Oregon 2016

We were represented in this IAS annual meeting by all the IAS Insat SBC's chairs : Zoubeir Zarrouk (2014-2015) ,Slim Bouakez (2015-2016) ,Islem Chérif (2016-2017). During this meeting , IAS Tunisia section student chapters' activities were represented by Islem Chérif and we had the opportunity to meet both Dr.Peter Magyar, Chapters and Membership Department (CMD) Chair , and Mr.David B. Durocher, IEEE Industry Applications Society President. It was also a great opportunity to exchange experience with other IAS chapters from all over the world.

TSYP ,Hammamet ,2016

TSYP 2016 has been an amazing experience. We would also like to congratulate IEEE Student Branch at ENIS (Tunisia Section) for winning the TSYP competition, it's well deserved and we are looking forward to comming to the next edition. And finally we would like to thank IEEE INSAT SB IAS members who represented us at the congress and who have worked hard and have contributed to our success.

IAS annual meeting Dallas,Texas 2015

Our participation in the 2015 IAS annual meeting was represented by Zoubeir Zarrouk. It took place after Zoubeir won the 2nd prize of the IAS Myron Zucker Undergraduate Student Design Contest; for his project entitled "Design and implementation a simulation tool for the Reconfigurable Smart Grid".